Victor Aves – Guest Contributor
Nov 16 @ 3:54 pm
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photo: V. Aves

With the wettest Fall on record in a while it has been a tremendous effort for players, parents, YMCA  and coaches to keep up with schedules due to game changes and cancellations!  On Thursday evening, the "Battle of the Bucs" as it was being called, was about to happen.  Cancelled twice due to rain or poor field conditions, both teams were ready!   This year due to overwhelming registration, the JL Long Buccaneers were able to make 2 co-ed teams for the season.  As players arrived in their uniforms...a little trash talk started as the Blue team tried to intimidate some of the Red team players.  Both teams have played equally well over season, despite the wet weather and it appeared to be a pretty even match.  Coach Daniel had agreed to coach the Blue team and Coach Victor, the red team for this game.  As both teams approached center field for the coin toss, you could feel the tension and anticipation coming from both sides.  The game was played at Randal Park across from Woodrow, so the soccer field was a bit smaller than normal.  The White Rock YMCA provided some mini goals and flags for the event as well as a YMCA referee.  The whistle blew and play ensued.  The ball was played dramatically by both the offense of the Blue team and getting sent back by the Red team defense.  About 8 minutes into the game, the Blue team scored.  The Red team made advances at the goal, but no shots made it in.  At halftime it was 1-0.  Some good pep talks were being held on the sidelines for both teams.  As the second half started, the sun began to go down and the temperature dropped along with sunlight.  A fantastic offensive effort was put on by the Red team, but the ball was sent back past the Red defense and the Blue team scored again.  With the score 2-0, the Red team was determined to score.  Again, some fantastic advances and shots on goal were made-none connected.  However, the Red team defense held up and allowed no other scores from the Blue team.  As the final whistle blew, there were moans and groans from red team and screams of joy from the blue team...but in the end everyone was smiling as they new that they are ALL teammates in the end.  The final score was 2-0 and Blue team prevailed.  A group of 18 players from both teams will continue to practice for another couple of weeks for the Richardson YMCA Shootout Tournament on December 1st.

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