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This year, 19 students from Lakehill Prep's Upper School participated in the three-day ISAS arts festival at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Austin and were accompanied by chaperones Scott Boles and Michael Cummings. With such a wide variety of activities, workshops, critiques, and performances in choir, drama, and visual arts on the schedule, the students were never short on things to do.

Everyone attending this year participated in the sculpture workshop, creating a piece for the 3-D critique. Cummings oversaw their wonderful creations, and Boles attended the critique with the students.  

One of the most valuable experiences of the trip was the bonding between two cultures experienced by the Lakehill students. They shared a homeroom with the students from Colegios Peterson, an ISAS school in Mexico City. The two groups instantly bonded over their shared love of the arts.  

Lakehill students showed their support of their new friends at Colegios Peterson's musical showcase of Hercules and their one-act performance of The Complete Works of Shakespeare: Mexican Style. The Colegios students, in turn, came to see the Lakehill coffee house performances.  

With over 3000 students in attendance, the ISAS Arts Festival gets bigger and better every year.