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stock photo...not a JLL soccer player

This morning was a cold one and the JL Long Bucs 6th grade soccer team was scheduled to play Ripple FX! Texts and emails were exchanged by coaches and parents as to whether or not the 11:30 AM game was going to be held due to the cold and wet weather conditions for the 5th soccer game of the YMCA season.  An email from the YMCA sports director at 7 AM said the Richardson soccer fields were a go!  Everyone was told to bundle up and be at the game!  At 11:00 AM there was a cold mist and steady wind blowing making the 38 degree temperatures seem like it was in the 20's!  Just as the other team was arriving, a mom from another team comes up to our parent group and says the YMCA had just sent out an email cancelling all games from 11:30 AM forward.  Sports directors, coaches and players discussed options since we were already there!  A compromise was reached between coaches, directors and referees that two, fifteen minute halves would be played to determine a winner!  The Bucs loaned Ripple FX some players and the game was on!  A fantastic game prevailed with both sides playing their hardest and steam rising from some players heads as they battled each other on the soccer field.  The game seemed to last longer than 30 minutes as there was a water break between halves.  Everyone played, got muddy and wet and the final score of 3-0, with the Bucs racking up a win!  The score did not reflect the determination and hard work by both teams out on this cold and blistery day!  A big thanks to the parents, YMCA staff and players that made this game a memorable one!  No players were "iced" to take any many fingers were too numb to snap too many action shots!

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