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Marian the Librarian and Harold Hill

Woodrow Wilson is known for it's over-the-top Spring musicals; think flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz, crashing chandelier and gun shots in The Phantom of the Opera, even last year's enormous hat dropping on stage for the Cat in Seussical

This year is no different, but with a heartfelt twist--in long-time volunteer Vickie Thompson's honor, Woodrow is presenting The Music Man, one of her favorite musicals. 

Vickie Thompson, who passed away last July 4 after overseeing the Lakewood Parade for her umpteenth year, had been an uber-volunteer throughout the community her entire life; and most importantly to Woodrow, she had been the amazingly gifted Wardrobe Madame for Woodrow's Musicals long after her children had graduated.  For her vision and impeccable style, we are forever grateful and humbled.

The Music Man follows Harold Hill, a smooth-talking con man, who expects to dupe the residents of River City, Iowa.  He presents himself as a bandleader and recruits the boys in town to form a band, while actually planning to pocket the money for instruments and uniforms to then skip town. This is until he meets and falls in love with Marian the Librarian; then Trouble in River City ensues!  This all-American musical has entertained audiences for generations and is perfect for the entire family, young and old.

Performances are from April 19 to 22; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening performances are at 7:30p, and Sunday matinee is at 2:30p.  Doors open an hour before the show, and tickets are still available.  The theater is located at Woodrow Wilson High School, 100 S. Glasgow.  

Many thanks to the East Dallas community for coming together again this year to ensure the Woodrow musical is a success.  It takes a village and we are mighty proud of ours!