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photo: V. Aves

I was out putting out the garbage bins yesterday and noticed two guys in their mid twenties "scooting" down my street on what appeared to be oversized razor scooters.  The seemed to be racing and having fun traversing down our street on Lewis.  They made their way down to Skillman, did a U-turn and I noticed the logo on the scooter as LIME...the same outfit that has the rental bikes by the hour.  I waved at the guys and they waved and smiled back.  Today, I noticed several parked and laying around the Lowest Greenville area of our neighborhood.  As the day progressed and the rain stopped I also noticed various people most in their mid to late 20's scooting around the neighborhood on either the LIME or BIRD electric scooters.  This peaked my curiosity.  I went to an appointment off of McCommas for work and saw a scooter laying on the sidewalk about 1/2 a block from Greenville Ave.  This was a BIRD model.  I went to pick it up and noticed that it came with a se of instructions on the base.  1) Helmet required 2) License required 3) No riding on sidewalks 4) no double riding 5) 18+ years old to ride.  OK so there went my chance to test this out, I had no helmet...what kind of license was I required to have and I am legally allowed to ride an electric 2 wheel scooter on a busy street?  Apparently other people seem to think none of the other people, both male and female had on any helmets and they were all scooting down major streets like Matilda, Greenville and McCommas. The scooters do not seem to have any type of reflective materials, so use at night could make them dangerous. Will this be another debacle of a fad like the ride share bikes or truly a from of transportation.  It would seem like the city of Dallas would have come up with some regulations on allowing this or maybe even a vote of some sort.  I suppose only time will tell if these scooters remain or go away.

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