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L to R: Smith Meazell 4th place, Skyline player 5th place, Jackson Barilleaux 1st place, Ari Yonker 3rd place, and Hunter Phillips 2nd place

Woodrow Wilson Varsity Golf finished the season in true Woodrow fashion--Wildcats on top!  Both male and female Golf teams showed up at the City Tournament and they showed out!  The Boy Varsity results were: Jackson Barrilleaux 1st place, Hunter Phillips 2nd place, Ari Yonker 3rd, and Smith Meazell 4th place. Nice hand!!  The Girls Varsity team came up right behind them with: Izzy Crow 2nd place, Macey Marketos 3rd place, and Blayn Kraft in 4th.  Thank you coaches and parents for a winning season, we are creating the next generation of pro golfers, so watch out!  Go Wildcats!