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John Devine, Clayton Drazner, Monty McKnight, and Gaby Gonzalez were awarded Distinguished Delegates at the State conference.
The Lakehill Preparatory School Debate Team recently attended the YMCA's 66th annual Texas State Youth and Government conference held at the state Capitol in Austin. 
Two Lakehill teams participated in State Affairs Forum, a component in which teams take a pro or con stance on a key issue and engage in rounds of legislative debate. Clayton DraznerGaby Gonzalez, and Jacob Graff drafted a proposal against the requirement of a passport to vote. Their team finished third in the state. John DevineMatt Graff, and Cris McCarty drafted a proposal against the privatization of the postal service. Their team finished second in the state. DevineDrazner, and Gonzalez were all awarded Distinguished Delegate medals. 

Monty McKnight participated in the newly created Model UN component. He represented Hungary in the Political and Security committee. He authored a resolution to end nuclear proliferation that was passed in the General Assembly. McKnight was also recognized as a Distinguished Delegate for his component.

Sponsor Jamie Thorne confirmed that she was very proud of her debaters, calling them the "winningest" delegation at the state conference.
Thorne said it looks like the team will again be extended the opportunity to attend Minnesota's State Model UN conference in March. For two years, Lakehill has been sponsored by the White Rock YMCA to serve as the pilot group representing the state of Texas.