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photo courtesy of: K. Bishop

Yesterday on a hot Tuesday afternoon a group of student 5-6th grade soccer players met together at Willis Winters Park (also known as Randall Park) across from Woodrow Wilson High School.  Many of these students were meeting each other for the first time.  At first things were a bit quiet while everyone was filling out their player forms.  Eventually after the soccer balls came out some activity began to happen on the field. Yesterday was also interesting in that this is the first time in 11 years for this team that there are a set of twins, a set of triplets and three legacy players who are younger siblings from former players for this team.  We also had a surprise visit from Aiden Webb an alumnus from this JL Long 6th grade soccer team who is also the kicker for the football team and starting goalie for the men's soccer team at Woodrow Wilson High School.  He passed along some words of encouragement to the players.  Stretching, warm ups, laps, soccer drills and the "name game" took place, along with many water breaks and even a homework assignment.  The playing field is a classroom of sorts for a way to learn new things.  For anyone interested in playing, we can still use a few more players.  The team is co-ed and open to any student in the JL Long Feeder pattern or nearby school.  For more information please call Coach Victor at 214-616-0194 or visit the White Rock YMCA.  

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