Victor Aves – Guest Contributor
Apr 14 @ 10:26 am
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JLL_6th_grade_soccer_ivy_aiden_visit_4_13_2021_2.J Aiden Webb (L) Ivy Frannea (R) photo by V. Aves

Now in it’s 21st season, the JL Long 6th grade soccer program has offered nearly 500 students in the past decade an opportunity to participate in the sport of soccer.  Over the course of time, some of these players progress on to play at the middle school, high school and sometimes even college level.   It was recently brought to the team’s attention that BOTH starting goalies for the men’s and women’s Varsity soccer teams at Woodrow Wilson High School were alumnae of the JL Long 6th grade soccer program.  Both were contacted and asked to come speak to the current team to help pep them up a bit after a recent loss to the St. Rita Spartans.  Ivy Frannea is a Senior at WWHS and besides playing soccer she is also a captain of her Varsity cheerleading squad and involved with Student Council.  She plans on attending UNT-Dallas this coming Fall.  Aiden Webb is a Freshman at WWHS and plays both Football as the team’s kicker as well as soccer.  As the 5th and 6th graders sat in a safe, self-distanced circle around Ivy and Aiden you could hear some silent whispering amongst them and some wide eyes gazing. Ivy started the conversation by saying that time management was extremely important in playing sports and being involved in school.  Both Aiden and Ivy stressed that keeping up with your grades is extremely important as the “No pass, No play” rule pretty much says it all.   Aiden went on to say that coming out of a loss is not always bad, but that you cannot let it linger and it is especially hard on a goalie.  He says he now starts each game as if the season had just started and it is the first game to keep positive.  Ivy added that losing a game is OK if you learn from your mistakes and improve yourself.  Both Ivy and Aiden said that playing on the 6th grade soccer team helped them make new friends, explore different positions and have fun.  They stressed the fun part!  The alums then wished the Buccaneers the best of luck on their upcoming game with Parish FC this next Saturday!