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Photo: In the zone photography

The JL Long Bucs 6th grade YMCA soccer team finished the season this past Saturday with a win, which secured them a 2nd place finish for the YMCA Spring 2022 Season!  The season did not start off so well at first as the first game the Bucs played was a blowout.  However, the Bucs did not let the loss affect them as they went on to tie their next game, which proved to be another great motivator.  With a few more wins and a loss, they stood in 3rd place as of their last game.  And to make things even more exciting,  the Bucs were playing the same team they tied at the beginning  of the season for an exciting rematch.   Both teams played exceptionally well, but in the end the Buccaneers prevailed and won the match!  Both Coach Victor and Coach Jose are proud of this season's team and the progress they have made.  Wish the Bucs luck as they move on to the Richardson YMCA tournament tomorrow and their first match is with the Dealy Dragons.

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