There is a possibility that homes in Lakewood are being targeted by robbers aided by garden gnomes and other lawn ornaments. According to an NBC DFW report, Lakewood resident Laura Stolk woke up one morning to find a garden gnome and candles on her front lawn. A quick check of her home's surveillance cameras exposed a man on her lawn at around 2:30 a.m.

Stolk also thinks her cameras recorded the man driving past her home a few hours later, only to discover that Stolk had moved the gnome and candles. Stolk is not alone as other Lakewood Heights residents have also discovered items on their lawns that don't belong to them.

"It worries me that they are people prowling the neighborhood during the night, looking for opportunities to climb into your house," Stolk said.

Stolk has offered her videos to the Dallas police, but they declined to view her videos. A Dallas police spokesperson said that the department needed more time to review the case.