Shelia Huffman – Guest Contributor
Jun 20 2012
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2 Brothers Lemonade

Another reason why I love living in the M-Streets! I'm driving down Greenville Avenue on a hot summer day in June when I notice this lemonade stand. I had to turn back. The business was 2 Brothers Lemonade, owned by Peter (10) and Harry (8) Lymberopoulos.

Every new business needs a sound investor. Dad says he built the stand and gave them $20 for start up but that the boys "have taken it from there, buying their supplies, and setting prices. They've grown their business from simple lemonade on day one, to now offering fresh squeezed lemonade, sugar free lemonade, and cookies!"

I’d buy stock in the company, as I predict it will be a huge success this summer. Patrons were lining the sidewalk, including pretty little Ava Holy who strolled up for some cool refreshment.