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Monster Yogurt Scary Tastes Good makes its debut in the Lakewood area, and offers premium self-serve frozen yogurt and a bounty of toppings sold by the ounce. The store features an ever-changing variety of over 80 yogurt, Original Tart, European Tart, Greek Style and sorbet flavors, and 75 plus toppings served in a bowl or in the blended “Whirl It!” cup.

Nonfat, sugar free, lactose fee, gluten free, dye free, calcium fortified, packed with Vitamin A, C and Calcium, and certified Kosher options provide a personalized choice for any frozen yogurt lover’s palate and dietary needs.

“Our company focus is to be mindful of children and adults that have restricted diets, allergen sensitivities, religious based requirements or other special nutritional concerns,” says Owner/Operator Ava Skipworth. From Natural Rainforest Granola to Sour Gummy Worms, toppings are plentiful.

True to its name, Monster Yogurt customers can enjoy a sticky, gooey, deliciously disgusting scary yogurt creation that only they will love!

The brand touts a little green monster, half yogurt swirl and half reptilian in form, bobbing around the store in various poses and postures. Monster footprints on the floor help guide wary sojourners searching for the ultimate yogurt concoction or just simply stunned by the sea of possibilities. Customers can relax in the roomy Wifi lounge complete with custom furnishings, designated ADA-friendly tables and wide aisles, a complimentary coffee bar, and viewing windows for parents to keep a watchful eye on their children at play. The kid’s area is located in the “Monster Cave,” and includes seating, shoe rack and large multi-tier play equipment. Bathrooms are outfitted with changing stations.

“Safety was the governing factor when designing the space. Our turn-style topping dispensers, hand sanitizing pumps placed throughout the store, non-slip flooring, and other green-certified finishes promote a clean and safe environment for customers,” adds Skipworth.

Located in the quaint Lakewood community, Monster Yogurt is pleased to lend a helping hand to area organizations. The Coffee Bar Charity partners with non-profit groups to generate supplemental funding for grassroots programs and services. Here’s how it works… Monster Yogurt provides complimentary special blended coffee that is locally roasted, self-serve and all you can sip, and patrons can electively make a donation in any amount.100% of all profits benefit the featured charity.

This month’s charity is Alley’s House, an organization that helps teen mothers and their children achieve independence through mentoring programs, life skills workshops, GED tutoring, on-the-job office training and parenting-at-home programs. Learn more at

Starting in July, Monster Yogurt will opens its party room doors to kids, ages 3 years and older. The private room accommodates up to 16 children. Party package includes a 16-ounce yogurt cup & choice of toppings, bottled water, party favors, and gift bags for all attending party monsters. Add-ons include balloon blowing, themed characters, face painting, and magic act. Party duration is approximately 1½ hours.

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