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Woman walking her dog in neighborhood. Backdrop our neighborhood's famous waterfall steps.

BY Wheels

So, you're a dog. Your family is considering a move to the M-Streets and you want to know what it’s going to be like down here for you?

That’s a legitimate question. I am a Boston Terrier named Wheels and (except for a short stint at my kennel in Grant’s Pass, Oregon) I’ve spent my entire life right here in the M-Streets. I think that qualifies me to blog about life in the big city of Dallas. And, believe me, it’s a dog’s life.

On a typical Saturday, I board the back seat of my vehicle (my human insists on driving) and run errands. Some favorite stops include The Avenue Barket, a specialty boutique on Greenville Avenue that sells food, treats, toys and, of course, clothes for dogs. The Barket is just one of several area pet stores that stocks premium dog food and top of the line accessories.

I always enjoy a stop at the White Rock Lake Dog Park. It was the first one in Dallas and, wouldn’t you know, located in my trendsetting neighborhood. Of course, if I have spent too much time playing hard at the park, that usually calls for a little freshening up at Dirty Dawgz or Dee’s Doggie Den.  Located on Mockingbird Lane, Dirty Dawgs is a hands-on bath house while Dee’s next door is a full service grooming salon.

Sundays are no less fun, and may include a jaunt on the Katy Trail or brunch on the patio of a fashionable eatery (yes, I am welcomed). A doggone good time doesn’t need to exclude me down here in the M-Streets.  There are also all sorts of canine social events in the M-Streets. Local blogs like this one keep you four steps ahead of walks, runs, parades and costume parties just for dogs.

Week days here aren’t bad either. If your humans don’t want to leave you alone during the day while they are away at work, there are several day cares like Dee’s Doggie Den where you can spend quality time in the company of other canines. But, chances are one of the reasons your humans chose this area in the first place is proximity to downtown jobs, so a 10-minute commute gets them home in plenty of time for an evening walk with you.

If your humans want a little “get a way” from everything, including you, there are plenty of overnight accommodations in this area. At Urban Paws, you get your own private room. Ask for a view of the City. 

Health and fitness are always considerations, and there are many near-by animal clinics like Hillside Veterinary Clinic, Lakewood Vet Center and Katy Trail Animal Hospital (to name a few) dedicated to providing the best and latest in veterinary care.

I don’t mean to paint a picture that all is rosie.  Lots of dogs get down on their luck! But in my neighborhood rescue organizations like Paws In The City work closely with retailers to promote fundraisers, pet adoptions, and low cost vaccination and spay/neuter clinics to help provide the good life for everyone.

Yep, if you’re a dog, or a human, Lakewood and the M-streets is the place to be.