The residents of Lakewood and Lower Greenville will have plenty of options when it comes to grocery stores. Trader Joe's and Walmart have both announced they would each be opening a new store on the street, but they will now be joined by Chicago-based Green Grocer as well.

The company, unlike Walmart and Trader Joe's, isn't a chain. In fact, the only other store is the original in Chicago. The Green Grocer will feature organically grown, locally produced food products and specialty items. Their goal - according to the company website - is to provide the most delicious, healthiest and indulgent foods possible.

Green Grocer made their announcement about the new store on their Facebook page. The store will be located at 3416 Greenville Avenue, which is across the street from Gloria's and Cafe Izmir. The entire store will only be 3,500-square feet. In comparison, the soon-to-open Walmart Neighborhood Market will be 34,000-square feet. On their Facebook page, the company is looking for recommendations for local farms/growers/producers/vendors.

The company is shooting for a late summer/early fall opening. Check back on BubbleLife for updates.

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