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It's only been six months since the Dallas Bicycle Cafe opened its doors on Northwest Highway, just north of White Rock Lake. The owner, Armando Guerrero, is a fitness enthusiast, and he opened his store as a place for athletes to rest, eat some healthy food and even grab a beer after a trip around White Rock Lake.

However, fast forward six months to the present and the Dallas Bicycle Cafe has closed its doors and disabled its phones. Just a few weeks ago, Guerrero revealed on the company's Facebook page that the store was for sale, but he would keep the location open until he had found a buyer. According to Guerrero's latest post on Facebook, the store closing is only temporary but an interview he did with Pegasus News' Teresa Gubbins seems to indicate otherwise.

Guerrero is now heavily involved with a major construction project in Mexico that will be largely focused on green energy. The Dallas Bicycle Cafe was, all along, just a toy to Guerrero; a result of his passion for fitness and working out. However, Guerrero has expressed disappointment that he couldn't keep Dallas Bicycle Cafe running, and he hopes to return some time in the future and restart the business.

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