LongPR – Guest Contributor
Sep 10 2012
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Much enthusiasm around the "feeder pattern" concept within DISD has spurned a lot of support amongst our Woodrow Wilson High School community! Last month, the PTA Presidents of area feeder schools, which feed into Woodrow, got together to discuss how to make the transition into Long, and then to Woodrow, easier and more consistent.

A lot of people don't even realize that the feeder pattern concept even exists, which is why the parent leaders at our area schools decided to meet as a group to discuss challenges and to swap ideas with one another. The group plans on meeting periodically throughout the year and to regularly update each other on school and community events, as well as any other pertinent information they feel should be shared amongst their group.  

The Woodrow feeder pattern includes the following Elementary schools: Lakewood, Stonewall, Lipscomb, Mata, Mt. Auburn, Lee and O.M. Roberts. The pattern also includes one Middle School, J.L. Long, which all of the elementary schools on that list feed into.