Victor Aves – Guest Contributor
Sep 13 @ 09:07
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photo: V. Aves

During Tuesday's practice, the JL Long 6th grade soccer team received a special visit from school principals!   Mrs. Barnett, school principal and Mr. Cardenas, 6th grade vice principal, made an appearance on the field and no one was in trouble!  The fact of the matter is the players were being told that due to the overwhelming response and growing number of players on the team from Long, these 6th grade players would be assigned a locker at the school to keep their gear and backpacks to assist both the students and parents for practice and weekday games.  Both Mrs. Barnett and Mr. Cardenas explained to the students that this would be a privilege and to use the locker wisely.  Both principals encouraged the team to do well this year and wished them the best on their season and upcoming first game this Thursday.

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