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The Lipscomb PTA hosted the First Annual Lipscomb Sock Hop on Friday, February 10 in the gym. The students Pre-K through 5th grade danced and played the night away. 'DeeJay' Julio, parent of one of our 3rd graders,  helped the students rock the night away by serving up some 50's style music and top 40 tunes. 

An oldie but a goodie, no song got a better response than the Twist, which caused the gym to erupt! Waists were still hurting the next day from all the twisting. Party Rock also got the girls and boys moving, jumping, shaking and singing to the popular top 40 song. They also performed line dancing taught by the school's wonderful gym teacher, Lisa Wright, and so much more. 

Several of the little ladies wore white shirts with scarf and jeans rolled up from their ankles showing classic black and white shoes. ‘Pink Ladies’ jackets were also in vogue. Also several of the girls wore long dresses and took great pleasure in twirling around in them while dancing with their friends.  The Poodle skirt was also a popular item worm by several little girls and a  few 'big' girls (moms). Boys wore their 'Greaser' best with white t-shirts,  black jeans rolled up, white socks and loafers all with slicked back hair.   

Menu included kid-friendly favorites: Valentine cookies and cupcakes, popcorn and pretzels along with a yummy fruit punch! 

Thanks to the 'cool cat' committee: Rachel Franz, Gaye Jackson, Kelly Killian and Robyn Schaub and also to DJ Julio and Lisa Wright for making the music happen. Also huge thanks to all the other parents that stayed to chaperon and help set up.