J.L. Long Middle School is playing host for two big events - the J.L. Meet & Greet and the "Race to Nowhere" Screening - that will be going on simultaneously tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. The Meet & Greet will be at J.L. Long and is only for prospective parents with children that will be enterting the school next school year. The "Race to Nowhere" Screening is open to all and will be held at Studio Movie Grill. Tickets for the screening are $6 per person.

The J.L. Long Meet & Greet will be held in the school auditorium. Principal Petters and several faculty members will give a brief presentation followed by an informal question and answer session. And before the night concludes, current students and parents will lead tours of the school.

The Race to Nowhere is a documentary that takes a hard look at the current pressures on children to achieve at all costs, even at the sacrifice of a fun childhood and adolescence. Seating for this show is limited, so those that are interested should contact Michele Matney ( to see if there are any more seats available.

Students entering middle school are also entering some of the most tumultuous times of their lives. Be there for them by attending these events and becoming as prepared as possible.

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