No one really wants to think about Christmas being over and starting work or school again. But, everyone can at least do their part to recycle their Christmas tree this year instead of having it thrown in the local dump. The City of Dallas reminds its citizens that trees can be dropped off at one of the seven Home Depots in the area.

Trees must be stripped off all ornaments, tinsel and lights before being dropped off. The Christmas tree recycling drive is being sponsored by the City of Dallas' Sanitation Department in hopes of taking some of the burden off the local landfills.

"Recycling Christmas trees is an important way to help the environment and extend the life of our landfill," said Sheila Overton, Waste Diversion Manager for Dallas. "Historically, yard clippings and other organic materials, such as Christmas trees, comprise more than 20 percent of the material buried in a landfill. By recycling trees, residents can help reduce the amount of material in the landfill and give holiday trees a second life as compost, mulch or wood chips."

Here are the locations of the seven Home Depots participating in the Christmas tree recycling program:

  • 11255 Garland Road - Dallas, TX 75218
  • 6000 Skillman Road - Dallas, TX 75231
  • 11468 Grissom Lane - Dallas, TX 75229
  • 2610 Fort Worth Avenue - Dallas, TX 75211
  • 6110 Lemmon Avenue - Dallas, TX 75209
  • 2901 W. Wheatland Road - Dallas, TX 75237
  • 11682 Forest Central Drive - Dallas, TX 75243
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