Shelia Huffman – Guest Contributor
Aug 3 2012
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Wheels promotes cookbook to support SPAN.

My name is Wheels and I am a Boston Terrier. I live in the East Dallas neighborhood of Vickery Place, and I am a special contributor to Lakewood BubbleLife. I heard about a great organization, and I want to make sure you know about it, too. The reason I want you to know about this organization is because it helps dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. It helps them by helping the elderly folks who love them and who sometimes need assistance in caring for them.

The organization is Senior Pet Assistance Network, (SPAN). What they do is provide and deliver pet food to low income senior citizens. They also pay for basic veterinary care such as vaccinations and preventative medicine. By helping out with these expenses, they often keep seniors and us together.  

Can you imagine having to give up someone like me, someone you love, simply because you can’t afford to feed me? Can you imagine how I would feel, being forced to leave my home and the person I love — being forced to live my life somewhere else? Maybe even in a shelter? I can’t imagine that! 

You can help prevent that from happening by supporting SPAN.  One way to help is by donating money to the organization. A second way is to become a volunteer. But there’s also a third way — you can buy a cookbook. 

The cookbook was co-edited in 2011 by my human, Shelia Huffman, and my neighbor Kathy Harris. They created it as a tribute to my Vickery Place neighborhood on its 100th birthday. The cookbook is called Recipes and Recollections, Vickery Place Cooking Since 1911. It sold out its first printing, and will be reprinted this year, just in time for Christmas gift-giving. All profits from sales of the book will be donated to SPAN.

The book is filled with recipes, neighborhood history, old photographs, a foreword by Rose Mary Rumbley, and historical quips from old issues of the Dallas Morning News.  

The cookbook will sell for $12.00. You can buy it at Jimmy’s Food Store, 4901 Bryan Street or by contacting me, Wheels,  at 214-827-4568.