Stephen Lu – Guest Contributor
Jul 20 2012
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As much as residents wish it were true, no neighborhood is completely immune to crime. More than anything else, parents care about the safety of their children. The National Crime Prevention Council has some neighborhood safety tip specifically regarding children for parents that will help keep their family safe.

Parents should always know where their children are at all times. Children should always ask their parents for permission before leaving the house and also have a time to return home by. If possible, children should leave a phone number of where they will be.

In this day and age of smart phones and tablets, very few people still memorize phone numbers or keep a phone book. However, parents should have their kids memorize their house number, as well as the cell numbers of both parents. If they have trouble remembering the numbers, write them down on a small card and have the kids carry it on them at all times.

Set a boundary for how far children can go. Younger children shouldn't be more than a block away from home while older kids might have the edge of the neighborhood as their limit. Children should be alerted to busy roads or any specific places they shouldn't go near.

Before parents let their kids play at another family's house, schedule a quick meet-and-greet with the parents to get to know them. Keep a list of phone numbers and call the parents up occasionally to ask how the kids are doing. If the friend's home is near and parents trust one another, consider using the friend's home as a safe house where kids can go if there is an emergency.

Keep these and other tips in mind and kids and their families should be that much safer from neighborhood crime.

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