Each January we come together to reflect upon the profound tragedy of the Holocaust where six million Jews were senselessly murdered - just because they were Jews. A special program of remembrance is planned for Thursday, January 26th at 6:30 p.m. to mourn the loss of each and every victim. Together with Rabbi Yitzak Cohen in the DHM/CET Garden of Remembrance and Tolerance, we will pray the Kaddish, read the names of victims, and light candles to illuminate the beauty of human beings once alive and vibrant. Your presence at this ceremony is a bold statement of unity and tolerance, one that keeps the eternal flame of hope burning, that lights the way to Never Again.

We invite you to make this gathering special and personal. Come with your friends, your family, your children - those you hold most dear - to experience this intimate gathering of hope and remembrance. Bring your blankets to huddle close together in the safety of the garden seating. A candle will be provided for each of you to light as you read the name of a victim aloud. These names have not been spoken in so many years. The more people who attend, the more names we can recite, the more victims we can remember.

Your RSVP is requested by January 24th to or 214.741.7500.