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Seniors at Bryan Adams High School are busy preparing for the end of the year. With college applications and scholarship deadlines approaching, seniors are beginning to feel the pressure. However, for the student athletes, they have taken on the extra weight of juggling a sport on top of it all. Yet, for four track and field athletes, they are reaping the benefits of taking the extra time to complete scholarship applications. Eric Hernandez, Jermie Johnson, Yesenia Mejia and Abigail Cartwright, who attend the School for the Talented and Gifted at Townview Center but participates as an athlete at Bryan Adams, have been selected as recipients of the Scholars on the Run Scholarship which is awarded by the Tal Morrison Scholarship Fund, Inc.

These students received notification by mail, but for Yesenia she was unaware due to an error in her mailing address. When Bryan Adams’ Principal, Mr. Richard Kastl, asked Eric, Jermie and Yesenia to join him in his office, Yesenia was informed she had been selected. Her excitement was indescribable! The scholarships, which are $2,500.00 for each student, can be used at a college or university of the student’s choice. While Abigail Cartwright has signed a letter of intent to run Cross Country and Track with Rice University, the other students still face difficult decisions in choosing their college.

Jermie Johnson, who is also the Bryan Adams senior class president, a member of the JROTC and a regional qualifier for wrestling, exemplifies student leadership in the school. He also has received acceptance to Clarendon College on an athletic scholarship. Yet, he faces another dilemma as he is eligible for a scholarship through JROTC if he wishes to continue the program in the college or university of his choice.

Student, Yesenia Mejia, a drum major for the Bryan Adams Marching Band (Show Band of the Southwest) has been awarded the Dean’s Scholarship from the University of Dallas. For student Eric Hernandez, he has been awarded scholarships to both Texas A&M and Baylor University. Eric has quite an interesting story as to how he got involved in Cross Country and track and field as Coach Mark Smith explains. “Eric showed up for practice on accident because he did not have a ride home, and I don’t think he has missed a practice since he arrived.” Eric joined the team and is now a three year letterman, he and his teammate’s hard work on the field and in the classroom have paid off in form of the Scholars on the Run Scholarship.

The scholarships will be presented to athletes on April 5, following the Tal Morrison Classic 5k/15k Race which is organized by the Dallas Running Club.

Information provided by Bryan Adams High School.