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WWHS Varstiy Cheerleaders with Tim Brown during the schools 85th anniversary celebration

The Woodrow Wilson Varsity Cheer Squad has kicked off its annual "Woodrow Nation We Believe" campaign and are inviting local businesses to join. Each year the cheerleaders make and sell shirts promoting the Wildcat Nation. They partner with local businesses and organizations to make the shirts. Sponsors are listed on the back in a business card sized advertisement with their logo. 

For the last two years, the shirts were so popular they sold out. Not only are the shirts big sellers at sporting events, but all 25 members of the Varsity Squad are required to wear them to various events throughout the year to promote school and community spirit.

"Wildcat Nation" does not just rever to Woodrow Wilson High School and the Lakewood community. There are people all over Texas who are memeber of the Wildcat Nation. Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Tim Brown hosts the annual golf tournament and is a proud member of the Wildcat Nation. So was racecar driver and auto designer Carroll Shelby.

This is a great way to support the community and advertise your business. Sponsorship is priced at $200 per logo.  o sign up to support the Woodrow Nation, contact Dena Patterson at 469-855-1444. Or email the Woodrow Wilson High School Cheerleaders at

By Shelby Patterson