Woodrow Wilson High School Learning Matters 2018



Central Standard Time



Woodrow Wilson High School
100 S. Glasgow
Dallas, Texas 75214

We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to be one of our treasured speakers for an event called “Learning Matters.”  We want you to come and talk with a group of students about why taking advantage of the rich opportunities of High School is important – why “Learning Matters”!    You, as a successful adult, are living proof of those two words, and you might be able to provide support for continued effort, or a critical turning point in the academic process of a soon-to-be member of our wider community. A college degree is a NOT a prerequisite of you being a speaker.

 Friday, February 9th 1:15 PM (arrival time) – 2:30 PM ( for 5th period class)

 Woodrow Wilson High School 100 S Glasgow, Dallas, TX 75214


Consider this: February 9th is a Friday, so take off work after lunch, and come do a very important community service outreach for a few high school kids that really need you.

Please  use link below to sign up on our sign up on our genius genus.  If the link does not activate on your computer, please cut and paste into your browser.

 For more information on this event please contact Victor Aves at or 214-616-0194 OR Valerie Carrillo at 214-593-6484