Courtnee Lowe – Guest Contributor
Oct 12 2012
Global Village Market



Central Standard Time



Greenland Hills United Methodist Church
5835 Penrose Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Need an idea for that impossible-to-shop-for person on your list? What do you get for the couple who seem to have everything? Does Uncle Joe really need another sweater?

Trim your tree with gifts that give back this holiday season. Greenland Hills United Methodist Church is sponsoring Global Village Market—an amazing two-day event that brings together charitable 
organizations and fair-trade reta

ilers to offer a truly unique holiday shopping experience. All purchases will be accompanied by our attractive Global Village Market card, and in the case of charitable gifts, a card insert that describes the impact of your contribution.

• Lovely fair-trade gifts from artisans around the world and fair-trade coffees, teas and chocolate will be available for purchase.

• Help prevent the spread of malaria by making a donation to supply mosquito nets in high-risk areas of the world.

• End world hunger one family at a time with the purchase of a goat or a cow to provide milk to an impoverished household for years.

• Mend a broken soul by sponsoring a session of play therapy for a traumatized child in our neighborhood.

• Build a house and a future for a family in Juarez, Mexico or El Salvador — one brick at a time.

• Give the gift of freedom and mobility to someone in our community by helping to fund the construction of wheelchair ramps for the disabled.