Anne Redelfs – Guest Contributor
Oct 9 2019
"What the World Needs Now!" Speaker Series



Central Standard Time


Recur on the first Sunday of every 1 month(s) forever.


The Health Collective
10830 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75231

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Many marriages ending in divorce… Escalating rates of physical and mental illness… Corruption in government and institutions… School shootings… We are a country in need! Of course, the needs of the country reflect the needs of its people. Clearly, our people’s needs aren’t being met. Many individuals no longer know what their human needs are, let alone how to meet them. For example, we all have the need to develop ourselves–all aspects of ourselves. When we are developed in a certain area, we naturally help others to develop in this area. Where we’re under-developed, we tend to pass on the abuse and neglect that stunted our growth. 

To remedy this stunting that is rampant in our nation, this speaker series will address many of the different aspects of human life: physical and psychological health, relationships, leadership, finance, purpose, and passions.  We’ll be offering developmental information so that you might become the whole, healthy, and powerful-to-affect-change adult that is the potential of every human being. And, you’ll have an opportunity to comment and ask questions to meet your personal needs.

If we are to change the course of our nation, we each must make some course corrections in our own lives. Please come to our interactive speaker series and add your voice to the growing community of people who want to be part of the solution–speaking to what the world needs now.

Cost: $20 per person

When: The first Sunday of each month (except December), from 1-2:30 PM

November 3rd: “Rally Your Relationships: How High Can You Go?” –Featuring “Gender Genius” Beth Wickman, Certified Life Coach, (relationshipping with men and women), Kathy McCommon, IIN Coach (relationshipping with the body), and Anne Redelfs, MD, DTM (relationshipping with the soul). This talk will cover the basic differences in how men and women think, communicate, and solve problems, and how these differences can compel both genders to new heights.

December 8th: “Your Money or Your Life?: Interrupting the Cycle of Wrong Choice” –Featuring Michael Romig, AIF, Dawnie Dahir, BBA, DTM, Beth Wickman, BBA, and Kamran Mir:  The mass of Americans are leading lives of financial desperation. How is this pattern created? What can you do to reverse it and choose abundance instead?            Questions? Contact Anne at 903-306-5286 or