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Some of Lakewood’s most talented artists and craftsmen gathered together and showed off their skills this past weekend at the 2011 Summer Arts Faire. The arts faire was held at the Lakewood United Methodist Church on Saturday and Sunday with a special, VIP pre-show on Friday.

There was plenty to see, do and buy at the exhibition. There were well over 30 artists set up all around the church and each brought their unique talents and works to showcase. There was jewelry made from old pocket watches, bowls made from collapsed wine bottles and sculptures made from rusted wires.

And there was art in all kinds of styles and sizes and subjects. The art featured everything from the Dallas skyline to historic landmarks to vivid snapshots of flora and fauna. Some of the artists were painting on site and it was a wonder to see their paintings come to life at the stroke of a brush.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an arts faire without some music and the Lakewood Summer Arts Faire didn’t disappoint, as several bands took the stage throughout the weekend and drove away the silence. The audience had prime seating beneath the shade of a nearby tree and could cool themselves off with a few handy squirt bottles.

Children got in on the action as well in the Children’s Art Workshop. And after they finished their masterpieces and proudly presented them to their parents, the kids got to enjoy a treat of Paciugo gelato, which was one of the sponsors of the event.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a weekend.

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