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White Rock Lake recently celebrated its centennial birthday with a month-long party that ended with the Beach Party of the Century at the Bath House Cultural Center. Now, it’s the Bath House’s turn to celebrate its 30th birthday and it’s also going to be a month-long celebration.

The Bath House, fittingly, is celebrating its birthday with an art exhibition entitled “From Sandy Beaches to Vibrant Arts: 30th Anniversary of the Bath House”. The exhibit will be on display starting Saturday, September 3 and will end on Saturday, October 1. The opening reception on September 3 will be from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Bath House as a cultural center goes back 30 years but the actual existence of the Bath House goes back much further to 1930. At that time, it was used as a popular recreational spot for swimmers and nature lovers.

The Bath House Cultural Center was renovated and reopened on August 22, 1981 and it was only then that it began to promote the arts to the residents of Dallas. The art exhibit will highlight the building’s history and its transition from popular recreational area to what it is today.

There are over 40 local and regional artists that are contributing works and pieces to the exhibit (a full list can be see here). If there is one event that can showcase the evolution of Dallas, this could be it.

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