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This weekend on Lower Greenville will be rocking and not just for the regular reasons. Terilli’s Restaurant is reopening after over a year of rebuilding and is ready to open their doors to the public on Friday. However, regulars of the restaurant may be a little shocked at the changes.

“We’re a lot bigger,” said owner Joey Terilli. “We went from small and quaint to having three levels but we’ve still kept the same feeling and atmosphere.”

Diners can chow down on the main floor or take a staircase in the back up to a smaller, more private balcony area. And, once the weather finally cools off, they can take their food to the roof and enjoy a meal outside. And Terilli's food is what so many of their customers are craving, especially their famous "Italchos".

Terilli said that the entire kitchen staff is the same, so regular patrons don’t have to worry about a change in food taste or quality. The bar staff is also largely the same save for a few new faces. However, Terilli’s is only returning four of the original servers; the rest will all be new.

Terilli’s isn’t having a Grand Opening to celebrate but will instead be part of a Grand Block Opening later in September with two other restaurants that also burned down in the 2010 March fire.

Supporters of Terilli’s that bought bricks as part of a campaign to raise money will be happy to know their bricks have been installed and ready to be viewed. The Terilli’s are very grateful to the community and everyone that supported them as they came back from the ashes.

“Thanks for all the support and the customers that came by,” said Terilli. “The support from customers and the media has been fantastic.”

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