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The inconvenience surrounding the reconstruction of Northwest Highway through Lake Highlands is poised to spread to area neighborhoods with extended closures of access roads this week—but there’s a silver lining down the road.

Beginning Friday, November 18, Lawther Drive and Goforth Road will be closed at their respective intersections with Northwest Highway through early June as part of the Northwest Highway reconstruction project, according to a TXDOT spokesperson.

Hundreds of Lake Highlands residents use the roads daily to commute to work and for errands. White Rock Trail, which is already detoured by the Northwest Highway project, will not be affected by the road closures.

Lawther Drive is also losing a well-known neighborhood business due in part to the construction. Duncan’s Beverages, located on the same stretch of Lawther that will soon be shut down for construction, has also announced that it will be closing its doors permanently. The continuous construction on Northwest Highway that decreased accessibility to customers likely played a role in the decision to close, a  Duncan’s employee said.

However, on the other side of Northwest Highway, a new business, Bicycle Café Dallas, is nearing completion. According to owner Armando Guerrero, the store is planning a grand opening for friends and family on Saturday, December 3 and the cafe will open to the public sometime during the first week of December.

The Bicycle Café Dallas is intended to be a haven for cyclists, triathletes and athletes who use White Rock Trail. The Bicycle Café will be offering food geared towards athletes, such as healthy wraps, shakes and high protein, high energy meals. The shop will also be serving gourmet coffee and various breakfast foods.

Guerrero also said that although the Bicycle Café will have a bar, the shop is geared towards families. There will be a stage set up in a corner of the café and live entertainment will be brought on to keep the atmosphere light and lively. There will also be permanent bike storage available, and Guerrero is working with Dallas Bike Works next door to set up packages and promotions.

The Bicycle Café Dallas has a couple other fun surprises prepared that will delight cyclists, but they’ll have to wait until the shop opens to find them out. Check back on BubbleLife in early December for an article on the Grand Opening of Bicycle Café Dallas.

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