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Just a week ago, the Dallas Country Club decided to sue the Dallas Central Appraisal District for increasing its valuation of the property from $10 million to $15 million. Now, according to Robert Wilonsky and the Dallas Observer, it appears that the Lakewood Country Club is following suit by filing a complaint that their valuation is also too high.

The DCAD put the Lakewood Country Club at just under $7 million ($6,950,950 to be exact). In the filed complaint, the Lakewood Country Club alleges that their property is "appraised unequally because the appraised value of the property exceeds the median appraised value of a reasonable number of comparable properties appropriately adjusted."

Wilonsky had an interesting sidenote at the end of his article: "The next-door Whole Foods, which sits on around three acres, is on the tax rolls at around $4.7 million."

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