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The city of Dallas is still accepting submissions for its 2011 Trinity River Photo Contest. The contest began on June 15 and run all the way until October 15. Photographers may want to wait until this killer heat wave has cooled down some before making their way down to the river to snap some pictures though.

The contest is open to all photographers of any age and profession. However, there are three different divisions to ensure fairness: Pro, Amateur and Youth.

  • Pro photographers are "photographers whose income depends on photography and/or if the photographer considers himself qualified to compete in the Pro Category."
  • Amateur photographers are "beginning or amateur photographers at least 18 years of age and experienced photographers who do not receive a major part of their income from photography."
  • Youth photographers are "beginning or intermediate photographers aged 17 or under."

There are also four categories - wildlife, forest/prairie, rivers/ponds, architecture/structure - that photographers can submit their photos under. Each photographer is allowed two photos per category for a total of eight photos.

The judges are looking for vivid, striking images along the Dallas Trinity River. Photos should not be taken any more than 100 feet outside of the leeves. They can show animal behavior, plant life, natural landscapes, weather, architecture or people interacting with nature. Images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.

All photographs entered in the contest will still belong to the photographers but entry in the contest constitutes an agreement to allow your photographs - as well as your name, city, state of residence - to be published and/or produced by the city. The photographs will be used for promotion of the Trinity River Corridor Project and the photo contest.

For more information or recommended areas to photograph, visit the Trinity River Photo Contest website.

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