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After a four-alarm electrical fire destroyed the Italian restaurant in March 2010Terilli’s is expected to open its doors again in August after months of rebuilding.  A press release from the restaurant notes that the building will be historically accurate and resemble the original structure from 1911.  Loyal patrons can also help with some of the finishing touches.

The Greenville Avenue landmark is offering its fans the chance to support the rebuilding process by purchasing bricks that will be built into the restaurant's walls.  Costs vary depending on where patrons want their brick displayed; $225 for a booth seating brick, $125 for bricks located on remaining walls throughout Terilli's.  Each brick can be engraved with a special message which is included in the purchasing price.

Those who buy the bricks will also get an invite to the August opening and a Terilli’s VIP card for preferred seating and special discounts. 

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