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Dallas is welcoming another Kroger within the city limit but this is the typical Kroger that residents are used to. Instead, Candace Carlisle of the Dallas Business Journal reports that the new Kroger - a Fresh Fare store - will be constructed at North Haskell Avenus and Capital Avenue.

The Fresh Fare store will offer regional grocery products, natural, bulk, organic, soy, vegetarian and even wheat-, lactose- and gluten-free products. The idea for such a store was created several years ago to bring out eat-at-home and organic food shoppers.

Bill Breetz, president of the Kroger Southwest Divisions, explains that Kroger is expanding more into Dallas due to the increase of population over the past few years. For that reason, as well as the redevelopment of Uptown, Kroger has seized the opportunity to better serve residents and introduce an energy-efficient store that caters to a specific group of shoppers.

The store is scheduled to be completed in summer of 2012 and will create 200 jobs for the area.

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