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White Rock Lake has just finished celebrating it's 100th birthday with the Centennial Celebration and now the city wants to put the final exclamation point in the books. Kendall Ferguson, the Public Arts Coordinator for the city of Dallas, has sent out a call to any and all professional public artists to submit designs for a commemorative sculpture that will embody White Rock Lake and the Centennial Celebration.

Dallas is ready to drop over a quarter of a million dollars on the project ($272,000 to be exact) and the submission deadline is September 7, 2011. The sculpture has several rigorous requirements that must be fulfilled, including the fact that the sculpture must be tall enough to be completely visible from Garland Road, which is the adjacent roadway from White Rock Lake. Here is a list of all the requirements:

  • The 100 year history of White Rock Lake must be a part of the design.
  • The theme of water conservation and the natural environment near the installation site must be reflected in the design.
  • The desired vertical configuration must be tall enough to be highly visible from the adjacent roadway, Garland Road.
  • The character of White Rock Lake including the architecture on White Rock Lake Spillway Promenade that runs along Garland Road must be a part of the design.
  • The materials for the sculpture must be consistent with the materials found at the lake including the White Rock Lake Spillway Promenade.
  • Lighting to ensure good visibility at night must be planned as a part of the design.
  • The White Rock Lake Centennial Commemorative Sculpture must become an icon for the lake.

For more information, check out Unfair Park's article.

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