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Despite the pleas, complaints and threats levied against them by hundreds of parents and supporters, the Dallas ISD trustees have voted in favor of closing down 11 elementary schools, many of which are either recognized or exemplary campuses.

The effects of closing these 11 schools will have far-reaching results and consequences. DISD will save over $11 million in salaries and operational costs, which will help make up for a shortfall in state funding. However, it also means that 177 full-time employees - including 64 teachers - will no longer have a job. In addition, the trustees also voted to increase teachers' work days by 45 minutes but without compensating them for it.

The meeting, which was held last night in the school board room, was at maximum capacity with many more outside. Tempers flared and Dallas police officers were forced to intervene at one point. The situation became so hostile that the trustees decided to move the meeting to a separate room away from the crowd. The final vote was 5 to 3 in favor of closing the schools.

Schools that will be closed:

  • Arlington Park Elementary School
  • City Park Elementary School
  • D.A. Hulcy Middle School
  • H.S. Thompson Elementary School
  • James B. Bonham Elementary School
  • James W. Fannin Elementary School
  • Julia C. Frazier Elementary School
  • N.W. Harllee Elementary School
  • Oran M. Roberts Elementary School
  • Pearl C. Anderson Middle School (during the 2013-2014 school year)
  • Phillis Wheatley Elementary School
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