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Congratulations are in order for the Woodrow Wilson Mock Trial team as they have successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the DISD Texas High School Mock Trial Competition. Up next, the team of 18 students will compete in the quarterfinals on Thursday, January 26 at the George L. Allen Sr. Courthouse on Commerce Street.

The Mock Trial team is composed of 10 team members and alternates, who act as prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, witnesses and timekeepers. Since the formation of the team, Woodrow Wilson has been regularly represented in state competition.

The members of the Woodrow Wilson Mock Trial team are Stephanie Arnold, Griffith England, Cal Little, Erin Overman, Caroline Peterson, Jake Schutze, Kimberly Tepera, Clark Wamre, Luke Whitten and Matt Zeigler. The team alternates are Erin Choi, Rick Garrison, Maren Kauffman, Peyton Merritt, Oliver Milici, Meaghan O'Connor, Agnes Onuoha and Leslie Scherger.

The team sponsor is Woodrow alumnus Catherine Pate and the coaches for the team are Mike Buchanan, Ed Cloutman and Adam Greenfield. All three coaches are lawyers who are volunteering their time and Cloutman and Greenfield are both Woodrow alumni.

For instructions on how to get to the courthouse to watch the team in the quarterfinals, check out the Woodrow Wilson Mock Trial Team website. There are also very strict rules that are enforced during the trial. Breaking any of these rules could result in the disqualification of the team, so read carefully before going to the competition.

Photo courtesy of Woodrow Wilson

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