Type: Calendar

  1/15/2019 Lakehill Hosts Admission Coffee and Conversation Gigi Ekstrom

Type: Discussion

  5/3/2019 Lakehill Middle School Students Enjoy Old-Fashioned Fun Gigi Ekstrom
  4/12/2019 Lakehill Seventh Graders Participate in Grand Rounds Gigi Ekstrom
  2/11/2019 Lakehill Hosts Admission Coffee on February 21 Gigi Ekstrom
  2/8/2019 Lakehill Soccer Teams End Seasons on a High Note Gigi Ekstrom
  2/8/2019 Lakehill Students Enjoy Serving Others Gigi Ekstrom
  1/23/2019 A Spirit of Community Gigi Ekstrom
  1/18/2019 Spectacular Science Gigi Ekstrom
  1/8/2019 Lakehill Hosts Admission Coffee on January 15 Gigi Ekstrom
  12/14/2018 A 21st-Century Alice Gigi Ekstrom
  12/11/2018 Lakehill Athletes Recognized in Football Gigi Ekstrom
  12/7/2018 Lakehill Competition Theatre Team Advances in Initial Tournament Gigi Ekstrom
  12/3/2018 Experience Lakehill at an Upcoming Coffee Gigi Ekstrom
  11/27/2018 Greater East Dallas Chamber Recognizes Teachers of the Year Gigi Ekstrom
  11/26/2018 Lakehill Brings The Addams Family to the Stage Gigi Ekstrom
  11/9/2018 Lakehill Middle School Enjoys Fall Day Out Gigi Ekstrom
  11/2/2018 Lakehill Warriors Claim Fourth Consecutive Victory Gigi Ekstrom
  10/29/2018 Lakehill Middle School Volleyball Wins IAA Championship Gigi Ekstrom
  10/26/2018 Lakehill Biology Students Explore Science on Biology Trip Gigi Ekstrom
  10/26/2018 Lakehill Sixth Graders Deliver Meals on Wheels Gigi Ekstrom
  10/26/2018 Learn About Lakehill at Upcoming Coffee Gigi Ekstrom