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February 9, 2023

The Middle School boys basketball team’s incredible season ended this week in the semi-final matchup vs Akiba-Yavneh, who went on to win the district tournament. “It was a very positive season that included a lot of growth on and off the court,” said Head Coach Jairus Mitchell. The Warriors notably gave Plano Coram Deo their only regular season loss.

The district tournament began for the Warriors in the first round vs Lucas Christian. The boys dominated on both ends of the floor securing the 60-25 victory. “It was a complete team victory,” said Coach Mitchell. Preston Corder led the Warriors in scoring with 14, while Elliot Malphurs had 11 and Riley Taveekanjana scored 10. Lucas Kurian and Greyson Boothe both pitched in 8 points. 

Congratulations to Coach Mitchell, Coach Morrison, and the Middle School boys basketball team!

2022-23 Lakehill Warrior Middle School Boys Basketball Roster

Brody Budz

Connor Byrd

Adrian Chytil

Preston Corder - All-Tournament Team

Dax DeMarco

Jonathan Neerman

Dhruv Patel

Alex Reed

Riley Taveekanjana

Kalen White

Parker White

Elliot Malphurs

Grayson Boothe

Eli Ranen

Lucas Kurian

Abe Fink

Asher Lohse

Cooper White

Tim Godley

Jonathan Mendez

James (Drew) Johnston

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February 9, 2023

The Middle School girls basketball team is back-to-back undefeated district champions! Last year, the Warriors completed the regular season undefeated and swept through the district tournament capturing the tournament MVP award, all-district awards, and the district championship. The Warriors were led by 
Cece DegeyterClio ByrdDalia RanenSierra Salazar, and Miyu Nagumo. The Warriors knew they were returning a good team to compete in the 2022-2023 campaign. 

The girls earned the number one seed and a first-round bye heading into the district tournament on Monday evening, placing them in the semi-finals vs Rockwall Heritage. Rockwall Heritage, coming off of a five-game winning streak, battled the Warriors in a defensive-driven game. Mara Hall led the Warriors in scoring with 7 of the total 15 points scored. Dahlia Ranen scored 6 and Harper York chipped in 2. The Warriors came out on top 15-11 propelling them to the championship game vs Akiba-Yavneh on Tuesday evening.

“The girls were excited and ready to battle Akiba-Yavenh,” said Head Coach Jairus Mitchell. The Warriors came out attacking offensively and dominated on the defensive end. The Warriors shut down the Bulldogs of Akiba-Yavneh to seal the victory in the fourth quarter giving up only 2 points. The final for the championship game was 31-19 in favor of the Warriors. Mara dominated under the basket with 11 points and added several blocks and rebounds to her stat line. Dalia was the leading scorer for the evening finishing with 15 points, scoring 7 in the 4th quarter. Bree Becker led the Warriors defense and Harper stepped up to play in the post adding several steals, blocked shots, and assists.

“The girls played with such intensity throughout the season,” said Coach Mitchell. “Each and every time our girls were tested, they stepped up to the challenge.”

Congratulations to Coach Mitchell, Coach Morrison, and the Middle School girls basketball team!


2022-23 Lakehill Warrior Middle School Girls Basketball Roster

Bree Becker

Maliya Johnson

Willa Parr

Grace Rabon

Dahlia Ranen - All-Tournament Team

Elle Robinson

Maya Scheinrock

Harper York - All-Tournament Team

Rygel Farr

Mara Hall - District MVP

Anniston Barrett

Sofia Valencia

Lena Golden

Sana Nayeb

Trinity Nance

Reese Coffee

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by: Jacqui Nickell, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

DALLAS, TX -- For the first time in Lakehill history, an all-girls varsity soccer team will take the field at the Warrior Athletic Complex on Monday, December 5. “This is a highly anticipated season,” said Athletic Director Jhoana Cayme-Mosley. “These athletes are extremely skilled and dedicated to soccer. Lakehill Athletics is extremely excited for these female athletes to have an opportunity to compete together and represent our school for the first time in our history.”

Varsity girls soccer opens up their 2022-2023 campaign on Monday, December 5 against Irving the Highlands at 5:30 pm. Lakehill will also host Hockaday and TK Gorman at the Warrior Athletic Complex before traveling to Coram Deo, POPCS, and Brook Hill throughout the month of January. The Warriors are led by senior captains Kayla Ristianto, Hannah Reister, Millie Castoldi, and Avery Owen. Kayla, Hannah, Millie, and Avery have played key roles for the Lakehill soccer program since the seventh grade. Senior Georgia Robinson, junior Addie Ashford, junior Olivia Johnston, junior Bella Pumpelly, junior Maddie Reister, sophomore Ali Garst, sophomore Sophia Monguzzi, sophomore Evan New, and freshman Emma Bassman join those girls.

The season will consist of round-robin play that will place each team in a 3 game district  tournament to determine playoff teams from the district. The District Tournament is scheduled to begin on Thursday, February 2.

To view the entire schedule, click here.

Go Warriors.


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by: Jacqui Nickell, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

DALLAS, TX -- Lakehill Athletics is excited to kick off the first ever all boys varsity soccer season tonight at the Warrior Athletic Complex. “This is an exciting soccer season for Lakehill,” said Athletic Director Jhoana Cayme-Mosely. “For us to have a Varsity boys team shows how much we have grown as an athletic department.”

The Varsity soccer team opens up their 2022-2023 campaign tonight, November 30 vs Shelton at 5:00 pm. The Warriors have 10 players returning from last season and 7 new additions to the squad. “The athletes worked extremely hard in the off-season,” says Head Coach Thomas Cantu. “We are excited to kick things off tonight!”

In December, we see the Warriors once at Shelton before kicking off district play at the Warrior Athletic Complex on Friday, January 5 vs Dallas Lutheran. The Warriors will host a total of 4 district matches during the month of January. The district Tournament will begin on Thursday, February 2. 

To view the entire schedule, click here.

Go Warriors.


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by: Jacqui Nickell, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

DALLAS, TX -- The Upper School Musical Theater students took the stage this fall to present Matilda in the Charles J. Wyly, Jr. Auditorium.

Matilda is a story of a little girl with astonishing wit and intelligence, who uses her psychokinetic powers to help her friends and her teacher. Matilda was played beautifully by Sarah Ganson. “Sarah is a naturally gifted young actress,” said Fine Arts Director Tom Parr. “Her ability to move, dance, and keep the audience riveted to the story is magical!”

Due to illness, school closures, and power outages over the course of the week, Friday evening’s performance was the very first run-through. The show went on without a hitch and the talented Musical Theater students were the reason why! Mr. Parr chose Matilda because he knew so many of the students would shine. Rory Bailey played Miss Honey, Sabina Chamoy knocked the Miss Trunchbull role out of the park, Aslyn Campbell shined in the role of Lavender, and Reese Armentrout played Bruce extremely well! Senior Stage Manager Anna Knickel was able to step onto the musical stage for the first time in her career and play the role of Miss Phelps. “There were so many small moments that were so much fun and so many students shined,” said Mr. Tom Parr with a huge grin.

Congratulations to the Fine Art students, Mr. Tom Parr, and Mr. Tracy Herron on a successful show!

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by: Kinzie Garcia, Community Service Coordinator

DALLAS, TX -- The canned food drive was a phenomenal success! The Varsity girls volleyball team faced off with faculty and staff on Tuesday morning as a culmination of the Fill the Bus Food Drive. It was a close match, but the Lakehill faculty and staff secured a 25 - 21 victory!

Your contributions exceeded well over 2,000 items!! It was a beautiful sight to see the entire school come together for this drive and soar far past the number acquired last year. Everyone played a role, from start to finish.

Our middle schoolers helped collect all items throughout the school and brought them to the gym before our Faculty Game. Our Upper School student council helped sort and organize items yesterday, and some of our basketball boys loaded up cars this morning. It takes a village, and our Lakehill village has shown up and shown out!

Project Transformation of Greater Dallas has received 1/3 of the donations. This non-profit organization plays a large role in working with underserved communities in the Dallas area and the goods donated will assist over 75+ families alone. Crossroads will receive the remaining 2/3 of the donations collected and will continue to benefit families throughout the holiday season. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your contributions and for the example and commitment you've shown in making Lakehill and its Dallas community a giving place. Happy Holidays!

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by: Tammara Shaw, Associate Director of Marketing and Community Relations


DALLAS, TX -- Due to popular demand, Lakehill has created a second robotics team for the 22-23 season, the Lakehill Mononicles! This is extremely exciting for our school because it directly reflects students' interest in STEM activities. Students participating in robotics have opportunities to work on engineering skills, computer programming, computer-aided design software, and even marketing!

The Lakehill Bionicles and the Lakehill Mononicles participated in their first scrimmage this past weekend at UME Prep. The Lakehill Mononicles and their robot, Onepu, placed 1st among the 17 teams participating, winning all 5 matches. The Lakehill Bionicles and their robot, Tamaru, placed 3rd, winning 3 out of 5 matches. 

In each match, the teams were randomly paired with an alliance partner to compete against two other teams. Tamaru and Onepu had to complete tasks such as autonomous movement, moving game pieces, and navigating between poles. The whole competition was a team effort. Throughout the day, team members drove the robot, adjusted code, made alliances with other teams, fixed robot parts that broke, and spoke to other teams about their experience.

Thank you to all of the teachers, mentors, sponsors, and outreach partners for helping this our first competition go successfully and smoothly. Both teams are excited about future competitions! 

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by: Jeremy Holman, Upper School Science Teacher

SEYMOUR, TX -- The Whiteside Museum of Natural History welcomed Mr. Holman and nine students out to the famous Permian Red Beds of the Craddock Ranch in Seymour, Texas this past weekend to learn how to spot fossils in exposed rock layers and how to carefully excavate them for further research in the museum.

Every student was successful in finding a variety of fossils, including vertebra and spines of ancient reptiles and freshwater sharks, skull fragments of ancient amphibians, and even fossilized shark cartilage. Fourth grader Ben Holman and 5th grader Nathaniel Knickel made a particularly important find. They uncovered a pelvis from an ancient reptile called Dimetrodon. As the first humans to lay eyes on that fossil, they were given the privilege of naming it, and so chose to call it “Bruce.” Museum staff will continue excavation in its location to find other bones from that specimen, but they plan to build a special display in the museum specifically for the pelvis with scientific credit given to Ben and Nathaniel for its discovery.

If other students are interested in getting field experience in paleontology, Mr. Holman plans to offer a field trip every spring and fall to this and other sites around North Texas.

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by John Trout, Head of Lower School

DALLAS, TX -- Skeletons, superheroes, vampires, and cartoon characters marched through the hallways and took over the gym on October 31 at Lakehill's annual Lower School Halloween Carnival. An army of parent volunteers kept our ghostly and ghoulish Warriors entertained with games of skill and chance, and two obstacle courses and a bounce house ensured that even the most restless spirit was well-entertained! Thank you to MaryAnne Brown and Amber Siegel for planning and coordinating the day's activities, and to the innumerable volunteers who proved that even werewolves and zombies can smile!


More photos:

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It was a hot and humid day at the TAPPS State Cross Country meet on Monday, October 31. The course was extremely challenging and the hot and humid weather was tough to race in!

The girls raced extremely well! Avery Owen tracked down a runner at the finish to place 11th and Taylor Allen was right behind to finish 14th. Both girls achieved Academic All-State for finishing in the top 15 and having a certain GPA.

The temperature and humidity continued to increase throughout the day, making the boys' race even more difficult. Congratulations to Ellis Meyer who finished first on the team! Ethan Westerberg won the first 50 meters and placed 2nd on our team. "The most exciting thing for our team is how our 2 new freshman athletes competed," said Head Coach Karen Owen. Kalyan Reddy was 3rd to finish on the team and very close to his personal record(PR). Jason Dickerson also had a great race and was just slightly off his PR.

Congratulations to the Cross Country team on a fantastic 2022 season!