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Award winner Laura Wildman with English teacher India Miles.

Laura Wildman, an eighth-grade student at Lakehill Preparatory School, recently won a writing contest for a poem she submitted during the seventh grade. 

Creative Communication, which sponsors annual poetry and essay contests, will publish Laura's work in their upcoming student anthology. "I am so honored to have been recognized for my poem. I wouldn't have even thought of entering if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of my wonderful English teachers," said Laura. 

During last year's English class, Laura's then teacher, Mrs. Miles, was incredibly impressed with Laura's writing acumen and delivery. "We were studying spoken word during our poetry unit and Laura volunteered to share a poem she'd written. Her creative talent blew me away, and I knew then I wanted to help her garner more attention for her writing abilities." 

According to the organization's website, Creative Communication judges select poems and essays based on the work's "literary merit, creativity, or social significance." Creative writing contests such as these are great opportunities for interested students to pursue or explore their talent. Famous country-pop singer Taylor Swift was a Top Ten winner for Creative Communication when she was a fifth grade student. 


By India Miles
Middle School English and Social Studies Teacher


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