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Kindergartner Josie Terstriep and freshman Mandy Scales enjoy a Tribe meeting.

For three years, the Tribes at Lakehill have been an excellent way to bring faculty and students of all grades together as a family. 


Each Tribe consists of students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School as well as two faculty members. Tribe meetings are a fun, stress-free time in which students throughout the school get to know each other, and faculty can bond with the children. 


Tribe meetings occur once every six weeks and the faculty creates an array of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. During the last tribe meeting, students used their artistic abilities to create stocking stuffers for the holiday luncheon such as ornaments and handmade holiday cards. 


Previous activities include decorating teacher's doorways for Homecoming, participating in a school-wide scavenger hunt, and playing games to help students get to know each other. On Thursday, Tribes met for a morning of games. "I loved playing all the games," said Kindergarten student Josie Terstriep. "I have a lot of fun in Tribes."


"It's a fun experience," said senior Jonathan Motes. "I have gotten to know so many people I wouldn't have known before." 


Tribes have become a tradition at Lakehill, and it is exciting to see students of all ages having fun together. It is proof of the family-oriented environment Lakehill has to offer.


"I love our Tribe," said freshman Jakayla Silas. "Tribes make us one as a family, which is what Lakehill is all about." 


By: Haley York, Lakehill Class of 2015

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