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The Lakehill Upper School biology class traveled to Galveston Island on April 26-29, to dive a little deeper into their studies. 
While in Galveston, students had the chance to explore a salt marsh to collect a variety of small fishes, crabs, and comb jellies by dragging a long seine through the waist-deep water. They also collected specimens with a trawl net in the deeper water of the Houston Ship Channel. 
Students toured many of the smaller channels of the estuary in kayaks, allowing them to get a closer look at this important ecosystem. Egrets and herons quietly stalked and expertly snatched their prey, just feet in front of the kayaks. To help students understand the individual components of the habitat, they painted the landscape using water-color paints.
The class also spent time at Brazos Bend State Park where they observed alligators in their natural environment. A visit to the George Observatory expanded their knowledge of astronomy. On the last day, they visited the aquarium on the Kemah Boardwalk where they touched and fed dozens of stingrays and a guitarfish.
"I loved learning more about the ecosystems from hands-on experience, and creating great memories along the way," said junior Elizabeth Motes. "My favorite part was catching the fish and feeding the sting rays."


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