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It’s that time of year again, when the school year is winding down and summer camps are getting ready to launch. I’m such a kid at heart, and poring through the camps catalog always makes me wish that I were a kid again! There are so many camps that young Johnny Trout would have loved!

When I was in lower elementary, I would have been really excited about “Royalty Rules!” and “Eek! Bugs!” I was always building forts and castles where knights (usually my friends or younger cousins) would serve the king (me of course!). I also enjoyed learning about the past and how things were back in the “olden days,” though it didn’t even occur to me that what that really meant was that I enjoy history. “Royalty Rules!” would have been perfect blend of these two interests! And, when I wasn’t building forts, I was digging in the dirt for bugs. The natural world has always fascinated me, and a camp devoted to our multi-legged skittering friends would have been right up my alley!

In late elementary, I discovered two things: I really enjoy cooking, and superheroes are awesome! So, I would have been making tracks to “Simply Snacks” camp and “Mutants, Marvels, and Superheroes.” I love the empowerment of cooking camps; I remember being quite pleased when I made a treat that someone else enjoyed as much as I did, and I still enjoy cooking today. And, though I loved reading comics and enjoying comic book characters, I always wanted to take it to the next level by creating my own characters and stories, and making my own fantastic worlds come to life. These camps would have been perfect for me!

In middle and upper school, I discovered that I love making things. The “Advanced Puppetcraft Workshop” camp would have been perfect for me. The emphasis on sewing technique and well-planned designs means creating and constructing a puppet that is fun, meaningful, and built-to-last. I also discovered my love of the English Language throughout the centuries. “Summer with the Bard” camp would have given me the chance to practice my best Elizabethan Shakespeare accent while doing something else I simply didn’t do enough when I was growing up: performing in front of a crowd! I had horrible stage-fright until I was an adult, but Shakespeare and the company of friends would have helped me shake that much sooner!

These camps and more still have seats available this summer, but time is running out to sign up! If you think your child would love any of these camps as much as I would have, sign up today. If you wait too long, you might find that I took the last seat myself!

By John Trout
Lakehill Preparatory School
Director of Summer Programs
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Lakehill Summer Camps are unique in offering quality, teacher-led camps at an affordable price, with FREE before-camp and after-camp care available every day. Half-day, week-long camps are just $240 per week, while full-day, week-long camps are priced at just $315 per week. Mix and match from a variety of camps to create your perfect summer!
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