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Computer science drives innovation throughout the U.S. economy, but it remains marginalized throughout K-12 education. While nine out of 10 parents want their child to study computer science, only one in four schools offer computer programming. 
Although Lakehill Preparatory School already offers a comprehensive computer science program, students of all ages joined in the fun and participated in this week's Hour of Code. Students in kindergarten and first grade are learning Kodable and Candy Quest (through Tynker) on desktops while second through fourth grades are using the resources on that have been widely expanded this year. Student favorites include Minecraft and Star Wars which both offer block and JavaScript options for learning.
Middle and Upper School Computer Science classes have been coding all year. Fifth graders continued their study of coding through Scratch, while Upper School students worked on a digital assistant project, learning how Siri works and how to code an app that acknowledges and answers questions. Students in Upper School Computer Science I are working in, learning the basics of computer science through making apps. Students are also working on using and processing arrays through the creation of an app that shows the student's favorite things.
"What's exciting about Computer Science at Lakehill is that we have a wide variety of Computer Science and Technology classes available, so students can tailor their technology education to their own interests," said Computer Science Chair Jennifer Herta. "It is important for all students to have an understanding of technology to be literate in today's world, and, beyond that, for our students to be able to compete in Computer Science and Technology at a global level."

About Lakehill Preparatory School
Lakehill Preparatory School guides motivated students to learn with curiosity, lead with confidence, and serve with compassion. Our challenging and nurturing educational community inspires students to become collaborative problem-solvers who live with integrity. Talented teachers, high academic standards, and the development of leadership skills in a challenging and nurturing environment are hallmarks of a Lakehill education.

The newly enhanced Main Campus offers students 16,000 square feet of new space and 8,000 square feet of renovated space. This vital effort produces new lab spaces for science, writing, and computer science, as well as a new art studio. It also provides new classrooms, administrative offices, and meeting and event rooms. A dramatic 5,000 square foot inner courtyard offers outdoor classroom and performance space.

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