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They say there as many reasons to teach as there are teachers in the world. One of the biggest driving forces for me was fond memories of my childhood years, when imagination came so readily and everything was new and exciting. And, of course, fun times being an absolute goofball with my friends. Every year, when our new summer catalog is released, I find myself flipping through it to find the camps I would have loved as a kid. This year, there are so many!
Nothing captured my imagination more than stories of medieval times. I always wished I could travel back to the days of knights in shining armor, and I was forever sketching swords, shields, and dragons in my sketchpad (and on my homework!). Frankly, I still wish I could live in a castle! Camps like "Medieval Madness" and "Time Travelers" would have been at the top of my summer camp wish list! Who doesn't wonder what life in a bygone era was really like?
My World Geography students can tell you that one of my biggest loves is for languages. I've always enjoyed seeing the world through the lens of a new language and culture, trying out the sound of the language, the feel of their customs, and the foods they most enjoy.  I would have loved camps like "Fun and Games--Spanish Style" and "Fiesta Time! Arts and Crafts." Games and celebrations are, after all, the universal languages of childhood! 
As I grew older, my tastes grew up with me. The little boy who grew up loving tales of knights and dragons turned into a young teen playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. And, once I was old enough to cook without burning the house down, my interest in cultures morphed into an interest in cooking new things, experimenting with new flavors and seasonings. I would have been right at home in "Dungeons and Dragons--Beginners and Beyond" camp and "Home Grown Texas Cuisine." 
Which Lakehill Summer Camps would you have loved as a child? Sadly, we parents are too old to sign up for the camps that our younger selves would have adored. But, it's not too late for your child to make some summer memories at Lakehill!
By John Trout
Director of Summer Programs, Lakehill Preparatory School
About Lakehill Summer Camps
Lakehill Summer Camps are unique in offering quality, teacher-led camps at an affordable price, with FREE before-camp and after-camp care available every day. Half-day, week-long camps are just $275 per week, while full-day, week-long camps are priced at just $375 per week. Mix and match from a variety of camps to create your perfect summer.
This summer, Lakehill is offering 90 different camps for all age levels, with new and exciting camps in every area imaginable. Find out for yourself why Lakehill Summer Camps were voted Best Summer Camp in Lakewood by the readers of Bubblelife Magazine.
Registration is now open and camps are filling quickly. 
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