Jacqui Nickell
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Last year, Lakehill student Mitchell Crow was at Target stocking up on supplies ahead of the February winter storm that brought snow, ice, and widespread power outages across North Texas. He saw a homeless shelter near the store and that is when he began collecting money and supplies to donate to the shelter.
This year, Mitchell and fellow senior Cullen McCaleb were at it again. Collectively, Mitchell and Cullen posted on Snapchat and Instagram that they were collecting money and supplies to donate to the Austin Street Center prior to this year’s winter storm. Overall, they collected over $1,500 via Snapchat and Instagram. Mitchell and Cullen spent every penny and bought goods and dropped them off prior to the storm mid-February. 
With true Warrior hearts, a special thanks to Mitchell and Cullen for continuing to make Lakehill proud.
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