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by: Robotics Coach Adam Jochelson 

The season came to a close on Saturday at the FTC North Texas Semi-Regional Tournament for Lakehill’s rookie robotics team, The Mononicles. The first-year roboticists did not advance to the Regional Championships on Feb 25th. But they did place well in the merit award, presented by the judges to teams they feel demonstrate exemplary performance in competition-related characteristics. Lakehill’s rookies came in second of 31 teams for the Design Award, a testament to their sleek and original design, with coordinated dragon-themed elements throughout the robot. They also took home the top prize in the Connect Award competition, likely due to their success in reaching other FTC teams around the world through their Instagram and TikTok (@ftc22191) posts. It’s the first trophy for the Mononicles in the competition this year. 

“It’s been a great year for the students on this new team at our school,” said Lakehill’s Assistant Coach Adam Jochelson. “They should be really proud of all they’ve accomplished in their first attempt at robotics. They established a solid foundation to build upon for next season.” The team consisted of 12 students, none of whom had worked on robots before. They came together to design, build, and code a robot to compete against other schools, hoping to advance as far as they could in the First Tech Challenge. Though their competition season has come to an end, the Mononicles will continue to work on robotics challenges for the rest of the school year, honing their skills for next year.  

Lakehill Mononicles (#22191) Rookie Robotics Roster 2022-23

Bennett Boland

Adeline Born

Sophia DeMarco

Tommy Johnson

Mav Kessler

Skylar Lambert

Ellis Meyer

Esther Neerman

Kalyan Reddy

Katie Rich

Hudson Wallace

Austin Whitaker

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